VAT refund for businesses

Why VAT is recoverable in the EU and what is VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax levied on your foreign business expenses and raising the cost by an average of 20% depending on the VAT rate applied in the particular country…

No refund no fee

E&M TAX SERVICES understand that business strives to reduce expenses and that’s why we’re offering our client to make a pre-assessment of their VAT incurred free of charge and without any obligation of using our services and in case they empower us to recover their VAT, our commission is based on a successful VAT refund.

Refund Criteria

If your company has incurred business expenses abroad charged with foreign VAT you have the right to reclaim this VAT even though you are not been VAT registered in the respective country. To be able to reclaim it you still have to be VAT registered in Bulgaria and you have to provide business proof for your expenses. The significance of VAT recovery as part of a company policy of cutting down expenditure and the worldwide tendency of outsourcing all side-line activities aiming again to minimize expenditures are inducing the companies to have recourse to VAT recovery agents like E&S Tax Services. Our Skills and profound knowledge of local legislation will keep you out from the unpleasant experience of dealing with the long autocratic process, specific for each country and will save your company money and precious time successfully recovering your VAT.

Eligible for VAT Recovery?

E&M TAX SERVICES carries out foreign VAT refunds from 41 countries for a wide range of expenses including:

  • Travel and transport costs;
  • Trade faire and conference costs;
  • Meals, accommodation and business entertainment;
  • Advertising and promotional;
  • Professional services;

These are part of the expenses that can be reclaimed by legal entities in the EU.

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