Advantages and Benefits

Your product prices are much more tempting for foreign customers. You have the unique opportunity to take part in a new advertising channel which is strictly targeted – participation in a specially designed catalogue placed at client disposal on airports, hotels and travel agencies. Furthermore, information concerning your company and stores locations and brаnds is uploaded and presented on E & S Tax Services web site.continue reading →

Refund Procedure

After concluding an agreement with the refund agent (E&S) all stores will receive the Tax Free logo which is supposed to be displayed at the shop window indicating to foreign tourists the possibility of VAT refund. The agent is responsible for supplying the stores on a regular basis with refund applications (drawn up after the pattern of MF) and to instruct the store staff on the correct completion of the forms. The accounting procedure of the VAT reimbursement is very simple. The agent is refunding the reclaimed VAT to the foreign persons and…continue reading →


To acquire the right of selling goods with the possibility of VAT refund to foreign persons the companies have to conform with the following conditions. To be VAT registered, to have a taxable turnover (within the meaning of art.96 par.2 of VAT Law) exceeding 200 000 BGN for the preceding year and most importantly to have a contract with a licensed VAT agent (E&S Tax Services). For more information contact US.continue reading →